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Transforming Lives

About the Israel ParaSport Center

At the Israel ParaSport Center, we know that sports are more than just a game. They are a way to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. We also know that for people with disabilities, the playing field is not level. People with physical challenges often have limited mobility; many come from at-risk households or are victims of traumatic experiences.

When the odds are stacked against them, people with physical challenges feel less valued than their able-bodied peers. They may feel left behind as the world passes them by, wondering if they’ll ever feel confident and find success in life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!


People with disabilities need community and opportunities, just like the rest of us! That’s why we raise funds for the Israel ParaSport Center in Ramat Gan, Israel.

With our support, The Center provides a home away from home where thousands of people with physical disabilities become confident and succeed in life through competitive parasports such as basketball, tennis, swimming, and archery.

The Center’s visionary founder, Moshe Rashkes z”l, dedicated his life to empowering people with disabilities. He established Israel as the world leader in transforming lives and unlocking potential through competitive parasports. Now we carry the torch by advocating for people with limited physical ability and unlimited potential.

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Meet the Team


Board of Directors

Lori Ann Komisar – Illinois

Vice Presidents
Florie Glusman – Georgia
Michelle Leven – Georgia
Jon Michelon – Illinois
Arik Rashkes – New Jersey
Morrie Silverman – Illinois

Board Members
Matt Abeles – Illinois
Reuben Askowitz – New York
Jacob Ben-Arie – Israel
Jeff Brincat – Illinois
Adam Carl – Illinois
Josh Carl – Illinois
Lisa Eppel Chisvin – California
Jeff Gerson – New York
Faith Harrison – Maryland
Amy Hochman – California
David Hochman – California
Craig Kornblum – Georgia
Lenny Krayzelburg – California

Harry Matthew – Minnesota
Orly Rashkes – New Jersey
Brad Rosen – Georgia
Elliot Roth, MD – Illinois
Lisa Roth – California
Myron Schulman – New Jersey
Daniel Shapiro – Illinois
Nate Shapiro – Illinois
Todd Starr – Georgia
Shelly Stillman – Illinois
Marc Strongin – Illinois
Brad Zamler – Illinois

Lifetime Trustees
Dan Litvin – Illinois
David Pincus z”l
Moshe Rashkes z”l
Shaul Streifler – Illinois
David Weissman z”l

Professional Staff

Director of Operations
Jennifer Flink
Director of Operations
Lisa Tenzer
Laura Schulman
Midwest & New Initiatives Director
Becca Near
West Coast Director
Marsha Katz Rothpan
Marketing & Communications Manager
Alicia Pilmore

Visual Communications Manager 
Jennifer Schmidt


Jacob Ben-Arie

Former Honorary Chairman
Moshe Rashkes (z”l)
Veteran of Israel’s War of Independence and Author

Executive Director
Boaz Kramer
2-Time Olympian and Olympic Medal Winner

Head of Rehabilitation
Prof. Yeshayahu Hutzler, PhD

Head of Competitive Sports
Baruch Hagai
Israel Prize Laureate

Children & Youth Program Manager
Dr. Anat Chachman-Guber, PhD

Head of Social Services
Ayelet Avraham, MSW