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Eliana Glusman

My family has always talked about the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled.

Ever since I was little I had a chance to hang out with the Israeli athletes when they came to Atlanta. I have had the chance to spend time with some great people from the ISCD. Moshe Rashkes, the founding director, who introduced the ISCD to my family and opened up his heart and home to my mom when she worked at the ISCD. Boaz, the current director, who my mom knew when they were teenagers and is really nice. Kobi, the Chairman, who is always so kind to me. Reuven, their coach, who is always giving us kisses on the forehead. Most importantly, I have had the chance to spend time with some of the amazing athletes from the center such as Caroline, Asael, Max, Amit and many more. I love hearing their stories and how they have succeeded in their lives so far. They are all great athletes and have inspired me.

Last year the Israel Sports Center for the Disabled had an event in Atlanta. My family co-chaired this event and I was able to attend. They did a wheelchair basketball event. The athletes did an exhibition and showed us some of their amazing tricks including a half-court shot. They made it look easy! After the exhibition, they had wheelchair basketball stations where we could physically try to play wheelchair basketball. It was a lot harder than they made it look!

At the beginning of the event, I saw three kids who had chosen to donate to the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled as their B’nai Mitzvah Projects. This sparked my interest. After the event, I immediately asked my parents if I can also help in some way. This is how I chose the ISCD as my Bat Mitzvah Project.

My great grandparents, Rose and Abe Luski, (Z”L), were very involved with the Sport Center. It was an important place to them. Since their passing last year, I want to continue this tradition of support and friendship, along with my entire extended family. By helping to bring happiness to the lives of children with disabilities and their families, it is a way that our hearts will always remain tied to those we love by carrying on our Bobe Rosa and Zeide’s legacy! Even though I personally do not have a big interest in sports, I still want to help in some way. The Center is not just about sports, it is about helping people with special needs rebuild their lives. It gives them something to be excited about and helps with their rehabilitation. I am proud to be able to participate in my own way.

For my Bat Mitzvah project I would be happy to have you join me in whatever way you wish in supporting The Israel Sport Center for the Disabled. Come see the athletes in action on Sunday, February 25 at the MJCCA – you will be amazed!
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