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Ethan & Lexi Coulthard

We are Ethan and Lexi Coulthard. We will be celebrating our B’nai Mitzvah on December 15, 2018.
As one of our Mitzvah projects we are raising money for the Israel Sports Center for the Disabled.

Sports have always been a part of our lives. We come from a very active family and have played many different sports throughout our lives. Ethan loves tennis and plays 6 times a week and would like to be on his high school team next year. Lexi loves basketball and plays on many different travel teams and has hopes of being on her high school basketball team as well. We feel passionately that all children should have access to the same opportunities that we had. This is why we are so excited about being able to help these athletes in any way we can. Please help us by donating to support this amazing organization.

Thank you- With all our love
Ethan and Lexi Coulthard
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