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Lea Bassali

Hello, My name is Lea Bassali. I will be turning twelve this October. I go to Yeshiva Har Torah, and I love playing sports with my friends especially basketball. I was on the JV team this past year. ISCD visited my school last year and I felt an immediate connection to the children with disabilities who came to visit. I felt that everyone should be able to play sports no matter what, even if they have disabilities. So, I was happy to see that they had a special sports center to do that.

When I was considering a chessed project to do for my Bat Mitzvah, all I could think about was the Israel Sports Center for the Disabled, and I decided that I would raise money for the Center. I plan to do bake sales, lemonade stands and donate the money to the ISCD. I hope to help support the people with disabilities that use the center to be able to do sports just like me. Maybe I can even raise enough money to donate a special sports wheelchair ($2500) or more, I hope my family and friends can help me collect money for this great place.

Thank you,
Lea Bassali
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